Hiring A Divorce Lawyer

The way your case goes will depend largely on the

lawyer that you hire to represent you, so before running out and

hiring the first divorce lawyer you come across online, see on a

billboard, find in the yellow pages, or even one that you were referred

to by a friend, it is important to know what hiring a lawyer means.

Divorce law is a highly specialized area of law. There are many

technicalities and very specific rules and deadlines that must be

followed. The law governing many aspects of it, such as asset division,

is deep and nuanced. Hiring the wrong lawyer can prove to be costly, in

terms of attorney’s fees as well as the value of the settlement or

judgment you’ll ultimately receive.

In Part II of this guide you will discover useful information for anyone

that is considering a getting divorced, or who has already made the

decision, but has not yet determined which, if any, lawyer they want to

Do I Even Need A Lawyer?

This is naturally the first question you should be asking – and I’ll give

you the typical lawyer answer, “It depends.” You may, or you may not.


It is going to depends on your unique circumstances, as well as how

comfortable you feel with uncertainty and doubt.


Factors you should be considering are:


– Assets/Debts – Do you and your spouse have significant assets

(stocks, bonds, pensions, 401ks, investment properties, etc.) to

divide up? Significant debts? (credit cards, store credit, medical

bills, mortgages, etc.)


– Children – Will custody be an issue? Do you know how to

calculate child support?


– Home – Do you own or rent? Did the house belong to you or your

spouse before the marriage, or was it purchased jointly?


– Length of Marriage – How long have you been married? Will you

be seeking alimony? Will your spouse? Length of marriage can

also impact your right to a spouse’s retirement benefits.


– Finances – Divorce lawyers are not inexpensive, can you afford to

hire an attorney?


– Fault – Do you or your spouse have a provable claim of fault?

Adultery? Cruelty? Habitual Use of Alcohol or Drugs?


– Agreement – Have you and your spouse already discussed

divorce? Can you agree to all of the terms, i.e. division of

property/debt, child custody, child support?


These are but a few of the things you should consider before you hire a

divorce attorney. In most cases the decision should be fairly easy.

Get Professional Help When You Divorce

divorce-law-imageA divorce is not a pleasant process, and in some cases it can take a while before it is finished. Some people go through this without additional difficulties, while others have to struggle to see it over.

There are many reasons why people are seeking to get divorced, and in some cases, the wealth that they have to share is considerable. Apart from this, there may be involved inheritances, children, different properties, and every part will want to prevail over the other.

Here is why you always need the help of a divorce lawyer, to make things as smoothly as possible for you.

Expert Legal Advicedivorce-support-icon

You will need expert advice every time you want to make sure that you receive everything that you deserve during the divorce process. Not everyone is interested in splitting the assets evenly, but this is based on the situation of the downloadcouple. In some cases, one of the spouses may be entitled to a certain income from the other spouse. Apart from this, if you have complicated issues that need to be settled, only a specialized divorce lawyer will be able to give you the proper legal advice. This is also valid for those cases when children are involved and both of the parents want the custody, when it’s about a substantial income, assets or even future assets or debts. All these cases require protecting your interests, and the only way to do this is by hiring a specialized attorney.

Less Stress

mind-trigger-sillowette-pngGoing through a divorce process can be nasty, especially if you go through this alone. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, because feelings are important for both parties involved in this. A lawyer can help you reduce the stress, as he or she will know exactly what to do and what to say, both in court and outside of it, depending on how you want to handle things. All you will need to do is to provide the information that the attorney needs for starting and finishing the divorce process, without you worrying too much about papers and procedures.

The reason why you need a divorce lawyer is simple – he or she will take care of all the legal aspects of the divorce, so you will be able to focus your interest on something else.

No Mistakes                          

DivorceMediationSome people make mistakes when going through a divorce process due to these reasons – the legislation is indeed complicated and the stress levels are very high. Because of this, you think less clearly and you are directly affected by what happens. In this case, you may forget about addressing different issues at the right time, like paying the credit card, underestimating the value of an asset and so on. Any of these things can lead to financial harm, and its intensity can vary according to its importance. To make sure nothing similar happens to you, a lawyer is exactly what you need when you are facing a divorce. This will prevent you from making any mistakes that can jeopardize your future or the future of your children.

No Delays

the-hateful-divorceWhen a divorce takes place, there is a certain procedure that needs to be followed. There are papers that need to be filled, documents that need to be completed and different forms and documentation that needs to be issue. In any of these cases, if you try to go through this alone, you may forget about one thing or another.

A lawyer will make sure that you fill the right papers and that you follow the right procedure. This is very important, especially if the divorce involves children and a large family inheritance, as each of the parties involved in this process will want to get what they are entitled to.